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DX in '01 with MS; in Jan 02, Told it was PPMS "the good kind" whatever that means.... The progression of my MS has been a long and arduous journey, the last 5 years specifically. I went from complete independance (I drove, went to the mall, movies etc) to the point I am at now. I haven't been to a grocery store in about 3 years (I love grocery shopping), Ikea it has been about 5 years, Costco, at least 5 years - SUCKS!! My DL expired last birthday, and I didn't renew right away for two reasons - I didn't want to drive because of my MS (being responsible) and 2, I couldn't afford the renewal fee (cut my wage by $4 per hour due to the economy, which led to apathy on my part) Married since 1994 to my AMAZING husband, Dan; no kids but we have the freedom to travel - and travel we do!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Background info

Starting at roughly 16 years (now 46) my legs have given me problems, jumpy (kinda like worms crawling up them) and I have NEVER been that coordinated. Just always klutzy like my Mom.

When I was 25 I was working full-time (M-F), part-time waitressing (Sunday brunch as well as Tue  and Thur nights 5PM to Midnight) getting home around 1AM. I was pushing it physically, but I had a goal in mind.

You see, me and my friend Louise just came back from our second Honolulu trip, and I (being the "smart" one ) took a waitressing job at my friends (Eric & Allura) restaurant to gain experience waitressing (these folks don't get the appreciation they deserve) - wait for it, so we could move to Honolulu and support ourselves as waitresses. Hey we were 25 and dreaming of living in a tropical destination!!

So burning the candle (so to speak) at both ends, in my tired state I remember taking the skytrain (kinda like a subway, but above ground) and after working my day job (8:30 to 4:30) I walked down the stairs in the station, when I got to the bottom my legs just gave way and I fell to my knees. I put it down to being just plain tired. Then when I was about 34 I kept going to the doctor about my jumpy legs (thought it was RLS) and for the next 5 years all the docs just seemed to scratch their heads and look puzzled. One doctor actually said, mmh I think it might be MS. Man I wanted to slug him! Now I wish I had listened and pursued his "diagnosis" no matter how off the cuff it was.

FINALLY when I was around 39 I had a number of changes personally (involving my job) I was at the doctor about 3x per week looking for results. He kept leaving the exam room (looking stuff up) and finally came back and said I am sending you to a neuro, one of the best in Vancouver. And finally as a 40th birthday present - yeah!- I got the dx of MS. :( So it takes persistence, keep bugging the doctors and do all possible to get the results. It may not necessarily the one you want, but at least you can move forward.

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