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Saturday, August 21, 2010

8 Weeks and counting!!

MS groups have been inundated with "experts discussing how liberation is nothing but a placebo effect". Who cares? these so-called experts are protecting their livelihoods and don't want us to upset the apple cart, so to speak.

The theory on liberation and MS, as I understand it, is there is a build up of iron in the body, and it has stored in the veins. This creates blockages, that impedes proper blood flow throughout a person's body.

MS or not - wouldn't it be healthier all around to remove the blockages?
As I have said many times, if the removal of said blockages improves the symptoms of my MS - who cares! Doctors around the world should find this fascinating, and do ALL POSSIBLE to help an MS'er? They could then spend their "valuable" time on trying to resolve, WHY certain people store so much iron in their bodies, and what can we do to alleviate the problems associated with improper blood flow.

Maybe if the iron was able to properly disperse through the body, I could have balance? less joint inflammation? clear vision? who knows, but I am willing to go deep in debt to try and solve this MStery, that our government sees no value in.

When I first heard about Dr. Zamboni's research and possible treatment (note, I didn't say cure) bells went off for me! It all started making sense!

You see, since I was around 10-11 and first got my ears pierced I had major reactions to metals (doctors called it contact dermatitis), watches wouldn't work on me (always ran fast or stopped dead) and at one point I caused my computer to have issues (shorting out or something), so my work used a grounding band, to ground me to a pipe by my desk. So I was literally chained to my desk!! Oh yeah, I could not wear jeans, if the metal button had any contact with my skin - Hello! rash rash rash!! I have told doctors about these issues so many times, and had quizzical looks thrown my way by said doctors; they all seem to think, mmhh weird. I have given up this tact. Often thought, do I have a toxic poison causing or at least exacerbating my problems? Now I'm not a neuro, or a genius (except in my mind) but does this not then become a venous issue and not neurological?
More on this later...

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