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DX in '01 with MS; in Jan 02, Told it was PPMS "the good kind" whatever that means.... The progression of my MS has been a long and arduous journey, the last 5 years specifically. I went from complete independance (I drove, went to the mall, movies etc) to the point I am at now. I haven't been to a grocery store in about 3 years (I love grocery shopping), Ikea it has been about 5 years, Costco, at least 5 years - SUCKS!! My DL expired last birthday, and I didn't renew right away for two reasons - I didn't want to drive because of my MS (being responsible) and 2, I couldn't afford the renewal fee (cut my wage by $4 per hour due to the economy, which led to apathy on my part) Married since 1994 to my AMAZING husband, Dan; no kids but we have the freedom to travel - and travel we do!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

PRE ANGIO - Symptoms & and how I am now

This is just a snapshot of where I am right now, so I can compare my bodies condition before/after. I know that physio will be necessary afterwards and I am planning to do yoga, pilates & tai chi afterwards (alternating) - so my body better allow it! Best case scenario I will not require the physio long term, and I can help my shoulders with Accupuncture - no pills or steroids!

- If I am supporting myself with a wall, balance is pretty awesome.
- If no wall, it is okay as long as my feet are splayed and my eyes are wide open. As soon as I close my eyes, I list to one side and fall over :(

- Eyes are not clear, a "film" over them; I don't drive as it doesn't feel quite safe.

- Use my walker full time at work and around the house. Until I had a fall about 4 weeks ago, I did not use the walker in the house, but now I realize my safety is so important.

- I can stand, for short periods, my back tends to throb if any longer (small of my back), and I am not sure if this is from the MS, or due to an injury I got about 5 years ago (when I bent almost completely in 1/2 the wrong way!!

- As long as I get a minimum of 8 hours per night, I function okay. But I still need a nap later in the day if I plan on doing anything in the evening..:(
- If I don't get to sleep by nine in the evening, I get overtired and then have a heck of a time falling asleep (last night I ended up staying awake until around 2AM)

- I won't know what it is like to be pain free. I am constantly in one sort of pain or another, whether it is a feeling of my body being held in vice grips, I ache. I can only hope that angio makes the pain disappear, or at least abate.....
- I have bursitis in my shoulders, right now I can lift them to my waist level only :(

Mental Accuity
- Well this has been called into question by my current employer, and maybe I am not as sharp as I was 1 year ago, but in relation to my job it is really just apathy - they cut my hours & wage by $4.00 per hour and still expect me to get everything done.

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