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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MS, Iron Build-Up and CCSVI

A recap on the Dr. Zamboni's now famous research and the discovery of CCSVI.
The ground breaking connections between MS and CCSVI made by Dr. Zamboni that has spread around the world, but now learn how it all started.

Dr. Paolo Zamboni
In Northern Italy, Dr. Paolo Zamboni has developed an amazing theory that would turn the diagnosis and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis upside down. Dr. Zamboni was trained as a surgeon but a rare neurological disease left him unable to operate.

But when his wife, began developing the symptoms of MS over a decade ago. He began a personal mission in hopes he could find help for his wife, for fear the disease would damage her ability to ability to ambulate, communicate, see, or worse.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) considered an auto immune disorder; where immune cells attack the nerves and Brian. One of the hallmarks of the disease are the white spots that appear on brain scans; these are signs of active disease. But no one has ever conclusively proven what is the cause of MS.

MS, Iron Build-Up and CCSVI
For over a century scientists had found unusually high levels of iron in the brains of patients with MS. Most have assumed it was a by-product of the immune disorder, but Dr. Zamboni took a different approach.

Drawing on a previously noted vascular component of MS, he used the high iron levels as a clue for something much more important.  He came to observed that the iron deposits in MS patients developed directly around the veins, and so he concluded that this was probably a product of the dysfunction of the drainage of the brain. 

Recognizing that iron build up can be very dangerous, and can cause cell death, inflammation and immune problems, Dr. Zamboni began scanning the veins of MS patients and made an important discovery. In patient after patient, he found the same thing, narrowing in the veins that drained the blood from the brain and chest.

In fact, Dr. Zamboni found that every single patient he tested with MS – not normal patients or those affected with other neurological diseases – but with MS had the narrowing in the veins for drainage.

This was a dramatic finding and a brand new condition, one he called CCSVI or Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI).

Learn more at CCSVI.MX

(originally posted at http://ccsvi-ms.ning.com/profiles/blogs/ms-iron-build-up-and-ccsvi on CCVSI website).

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