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DX in '01 with MS; in Jan 02, Told it was PPMS "the good kind" whatever that means.... The progression of my MS has been a long and arduous journey, the last 5 years specifically. I went from complete independance (I drove, went to the mall, movies etc) to the point I am at now. I haven't been to a grocery store in about 3 years (I love grocery shopping), Ikea it has been about 5 years, Costco, at least 5 years - SUCKS!! My DL expired last birthday, and I didn't renew right away for two reasons - I didn't want to drive because of my MS (being responsible) and 2, I couldn't afford the renewal fee (cut my wage by $4 per hour due to the economy, which led to apathy on my part) Married since 1994 to my AMAZING husband, Dan; no kids but we have the freedom to travel - and travel we do!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Blaine Calkins
Calkins.B@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Diane Ablonczy
Ablonczy.D@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Rick Casson
Casson.R@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Rob Anders
Anders.R@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Rona Ambrose
Ambrose.R@parl.gc.ca   AB Conservative

Stephen Harper
Harper.S@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Leon Benoit
Benoit.L@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Linda Duncan
Duncan.L@parl.gc.ca  AB NDP

Peter Goldring
Goldring.P@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Laurie Hawn
Hawn.L@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Brian Jean
Jean.B@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Jason Kenney
Kenney.J@parl.gc.ca AB Conservative

Mike Lake
Lake.M@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Ted Menzies
Menzies.T@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Rob Merrifield
Merrifield.R@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Deepak Obhrai
Obhrai.D@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Lavar Payne
Payne.L@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Jim Prentice
Prentice.J@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

James Rajotte
Rajotte.J@parl.gc.ca   AB Conservative

Brent Rathgeber
Rathgeber.B@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Blake Richards
Richards.B@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Lee Richardson
Richardson.L@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Devinder Shory
Shory.D@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Kevin Sorenson
Sorenson.K@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Brian Storseth
Storseth.B@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Tim Uppal
Uppal.T@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Chris Warkentin
Warkentin.C@parl.gc.ca  AB Conservative

Alex Atamanenko
Atamanenko.A@parl.gc.ca  BC NDP

Don Davies
Davies.D@parl.gc.ca  BC NDP

Dona Cadman
Cadman.D@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Ed Fast
Fast.E@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Fin Donnelly
Donnelly.F@parl.gc.ca  BC NDP

Jean Crowder
CrowdJ@parl.gc.ca  BC NDP

Jim Abbott
Abbott.J@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

John Cummins
Cummins.J@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

John Duncan
Duncan.J@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Libby Davies
Davies.L@parl.gc.ca  BC NDP

Nathan Cullen
Cullen.N@parl.gc.ca  BC NDP

Nina Grewal
Grewal.N@parl.gc.ca   BC Conservative

Peter Julian
Julian.P@parl.gc.ca ; BC NDP

Randy Kamp
Kamp.R@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Ron Cannan
Cannan.R@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Russ Hebert
Hiebert.R@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Stockwell Day
Day.S@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Sukh Dhaliwal
Dhaliwal.S@parl.gc.ca  BC Liberal

Ujjal Dosanjh
Dosanjh.U@parl.gc.ca  BC Liberal

Hedy Fry
Fry.H@parl.gc.ca  BC Liberal

Richard M. Harris
Harris.R@parl.gc.ca   BC Conservative

Jay Hill
Hill.J@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Gary Lunn
Lunn.G@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

James Lunney
Lunney.J@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Keith Martin
Martin.K@parl.gc.ca  BC Liberal

Colin Mayes
Mayes.C@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Cathy Mcleod
McLeod.C@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

James Moore
Moore.J@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Joyce Murray
Murray.J@parl.gc.ca  BC Liberal

Denise Savoie
Savoie.D@parl.gc.ca  BC NDP

Andrew Saxton
Saxton.A@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Bill Siksay
Siksay.B@parl.gc.ca  BC NDP

Chuck Strahl
Strahl.C@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Mark Warawa
warawm7@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

John Weston
Weston.J@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Alice Wong
Wong.A@parl.gc.ca  BC Conservative

Terry Lake
terry.lake.mla@leg.bc.ca  BC Liberal

Gordon Campbell
premier@gov.bc.ca  BC Liberal

Kevin Falcon
kevin.falcon.mla@leg.bc.ca  BC Liberal

Colin Hansen
colin.hansen.mla@leg.bc.ca  BC Liberal

Carole James
carole.james.mla@leg.bc.ca  BC NDP

Bruce Ralston
bruce.ralston.mla@leg.bc.ca  BC NDP

Adrian Dix
adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca  BC NDP

Jenny Kwan
jenny.kwan.mla@leg.bc.ca  BC NDP

Mike Allen
Allen.M@parl.gc.ca  NB Conservative

Niki Ashton
Ashton.N@parl.gc.ca  MB NDP

Rod Bruinooge
Bruinooge.R@parl.gc.ca  MB Conservative

James Bezan
Bezan.J@parl.gc.ca  MB Conservative

Steven Fletcher
Fletcher.S@parl.gc.ca  MB Conservative

Shelly Glover
Glover.S@parl.gc.ca  MB Conservative

Candice Hoeppner
Hoeppner.C@parl.gc.ca  MB Conservative

Jim Maloway
Maloway.J@parl.gc.ca  MB NDP

Pat Martin
Martin.Pat@parl.gc.ca  MB NDP

Anita Neville
Neville.A@parl.gc.ca  MB Liberal

Joy Smith
Smith.J@parl.gc.ca  MB Conservative

Vic Toews
Toews.V@parl.gc.ca  MB Conservative

Merv Tweed
Tweed.M@parl.gc.ca  MB Conservative

Dennis Bevington
Bevington.D@parl.gc.ca  NWT NDP

Leona Aglukkaq
Aglukkaq.L@parl.gc.ca ; NUN Conservative

Carol Hughes
Hughes.C@parl.gc.ca ; ON NDP

Charlie Angus
Angus.C@parl.gc.ca  ON NDP

Cheryl Gallant
Gallant.C@parl.gc.ca ; ON Conservative

Dean Allison
Allison.D@parl.gc.ca  ON Conservative

Harold Albrecht
Albrecht.H@parl.gc.ca  ON Conservative

Jack Layton
Layton.J@parl.gc.ca ; ON NDP

Kirsty Duncan
Duncan.K@parl.gc.ca ; ON Liberal

Malcolm Allen
Allen.Ma@parl.gc.ca  ON NDP

Mauril Belanger
BelanM@parl.gc.ca ; ON Liberal

Michael Ignatieff
Ignatieff.M@parl.gc.ca  ON Liberal

Navdeep Bains
Bains.N@parl.gc.ca  ON Liberal

Patricia Davidson
Davidson.P@parl.gc.ca ; ON Conservative

Patrick Brown
BrownPa@parl.gc.ca ; ON Conservative

Peter Braid
Braid.P@parl.gc.ca ; ON Conservative

John Baird
Baird.J@parl.gc.ca  ON Conservative

Carolyn Bennett
Bennett.C@parl.gc.ca  ON Liberal

André Arthur
Arthur.A@parl.gc.ca PQ Independent

Claude Bachand
BachaC@parl.gc.ca  PQ Bloc

Gérard Asselin
Asselin.G@parl.gc.ca  PQ Bloc

Gilles Duceppe
Duceppe.G@parl.gc.ca  PQ Bloc

Guy André
Andre.G@parl.gc.ca  PQ Bloc

Luc Malo
Malo.L@parl.gc.ca; PQ Bloc

Josée Beaudin
Beaudin.J@parl.gc.ca PQ Bloc
André Bellavance
Bellavance.A@parl.gc.ca  PQ Bloc
Maxime Bernier
BerniM@parl.gc.ca   PQ Conservative

Justin Trudeau
Trudeau.J@parl.gc.ca  PQ Liberal

David Anderson
Anderson.Da@parl.gc.ca  SK Conservative

Garry Breitkreuz
Breitkreuz.G@parl.gc.ca  SK Conservative

Kelly Block
Block.K@parl.gc.ca ; SK Conservative

Ralph Goodale
Goodale.R@parl.gc.ca ; SK Liberal

Ray Boughen
Boughen.R@parl.gc.ca  SK Conservative

Rob Clark
Clarke.R@parl.gc.ca  SK Conservative

Randy Hoback
 Hoback.R@parl.gc.ca SK Conservative

Ed Komarnicki
 Komarnicki.E@parl.gc.ca SK Conservative

Tom Lukiwski 
 Lukiwski.T@parl.gc.ca SK Conservative

Gerry Ritz
 Ritz.G@parl.gc.ca SK Conservative

Andrew Scheer
 Scheer.A@parl.gc.ca SK Conservative

Brad Trost
 Trost.B@parl.gc.ca SK Conservative

Maurice Vellacott
 Vellacott.M@parl.gc.ca SK Conservative

Lynne Yelich
 Yelich.L@parl.gc.ca SK Conservative

Larry Bagnell
 Bagnell.L@parl.gc.ca YK Liberal

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