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DX in '01 with MS; in Jan 02, Told it was PPMS "the good kind" whatever that means.... The progression of my MS has been a long and arduous journey, the last 5 years specifically. I went from complete independance (I drove, went to the mall, movies etc) to the point I am at now. I haven't been to a grocery store in about 3 years (I love grocery shopping), Ikea it has been about 5 years, Costco, at least 5 years - SUCKS!! My DL expired last birthday, and I didn't renew right away for two reasons - I didn't want to drive because of my MS (being responsible) and 2, I couldn't afford the renewal fee (cut my wage by $4 per hour due to the economy, which led to apathy on my part) Married since 1994 to my AMAZING husband, Dan; no kids but we have the freedom to travel - and travel we do!

Monday, September 6, 2010

MS Hug - not that you want one :)

Until people spoke about the MS Hug , I never thought I had it; however I woke up this morning and it felt like I had a huge band around the middle of my torso; this is a feeling I have had in the past, but as these episodes (at least this severe) are so few and far between I never gave it much thought, just put it down to normal pain. But I now understand


  1. That band around the middle was the thing I could not put up with, I now take amitripyline, (Elavil ) I do believe it is --I was taking a great deal at one time but 75mg does the trick. It is an antidepression drug..and most helpfull. It stops us MS patients going---- and not get down.. keeps ya going..not too sure of the spelling there.
    Good luck--google ELAVIL

  2. Thanks Betty, I have been taking Elavil 25 mg, and will need to speak with my doctor about getting a higher dose for this hug. I have had this same pain many times before, and never associated with my MS. I hope this goes away!!

  3. Hi Lori, the only thing that works for me is gabapentin, but not everyone reacts well to it. Hubby was on it for neuropathic pain too, and got seriously depressed. I'm one of the small % it does work for, but I've managed to cut way back now and look forward to the day when I won't need it at all any more :) it sucks for sure!
    oh, one other thing I found out by accident. A wide snug belt really helps, like the type that supports people's backs when they have a job lifting... it really works!

  4. My neuro had prescribed Gabapentin to me in January and it made me so stupid, I can't take the prescribed dose (300mg 12x per day!) but have never thought to take for the "hug". I think I may try one, next time it hits me. Thanks Brenda!